Canine Session FAQ

What can I expect during a session?

I always provide laughter, treats, pets, and lots of breaks for water, sniffing and being a dog. Throughout the session, I will monitor your dog’s body language for signs of stress to see when a break or change of location is needed. After attending many hours of canine communication and behavior classes/seminars, I firmly believe in positive reinforcement and respecting dogs’ emotional needs. Being a model is tough work! I want your dog to be relaxed and happy, so they shine in their finished images. Plan for sessions to take between 60 and 90 minutes so there is no time pressure and we can take things at the dog’s pace.

What do I need to bring to the session?

Bring whatever you think helps show your dog’s personality. Do they have a favorite toy? A special dress-up outfit? Do they rock a bow tie or a fancy collar? I always have a supply of treats on me, but if your dog is on a special diet or responds really well to a certain treat, bring that along as well. For health reasons, it’s best to bring your own water bowl and water for your dog.

Does my dog need to be off leash?

Not at all. Most of the time it’s simple to remove leashes during the editing process. It’s much better to have dogs safely under control with a leash than to risk an accident.

Red and white dog in front of pumpkin patch
Black and brown dog on grass

Does my dog need to have a reliable sit/down/stay?

For studio sessions, that is preferred as there is limited backdrop space. For outdoor sessions, a reliable sit/down/stay is not required, but it is always a good idea to practice them in the weeks leading up to your scheduled session. I’m used to working with untrained shelter and rescue dogs; and can get good photos regardless of training level. It may take a little longer with an untrained dog, but that’s ok! I will be able to capture their unique personality if they are moving around and interacting with the world.

Can I choose the location or are sessions limited to certain places?

My studio space is in Deep Ellum, so for indoor sessions that is the only location. For outdoor sessions, while I do have certain places that I know photograph well and are dog-friendly, I am always open to new locations if you have someplace specific in mind. I live in Grapevine and require a $25 travel fee for distances between 30 and 60 miles from 76051. Contact me to discuss fees for longer travel.

Can I bring my children to the session to watch?

No, please find a sitter for your children unless they are participating in the session. I limit session attendees to the subjects of the photoshoot in order to avoid distractions.

Do you have a handler to help me manage my dog(s)?

Yes, if you would like to have a handler present during the session, please let me know when booking the appointment so I can ensure she will be available.

Handling/Behavior Notice:

Julia Rigler Photography uses and requires positive, humane, and force-free handling. Punishment based handling is not allowed during sessions. No pets will be photographed in choke/prong/pinch collars or shock/electric/e-collars. If in my opinion, the behavior of any of the session participants (human or animal) is inappropriate at any time during the session, I reserve the right to cancel the session. The session fee is forfeit if the session is canceled due to inappropriate behavior by session participants.

Before and After image showing a dog on leash and the same image with the leash removed
Before and After leash removal and editing.